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MINKE WHALE Scuba Diving Holidays & Trips

Join Us For Minke Whale Migration                       

June 2020  


MyImageThe MV Spirit of Freedom provides space, comfort and stability for cruising the Great Barrier Reef. She’s 37m (124ft) in length, with a steel hull and electronic stabilisers, providing the most comfortable ride possible in the conditions. Spirit of Freedom contains 11 guest cabins, all with private bathroom. All cabins are air-conditioned and are serviced each day.

Your tour to the Ribbon Reef’s begins in Cairns and finishes at Lizard Island.

The Ribbon Reefs are a stunning turquoise chain of 10 individual reefs. Fringing the edge of the continental shelf, this 200km stretch of the Great Barrier Reef lies in a remote region of North Queensland and is only accessible by a few liveaboards. Relatively isolated, these reefs support a huge range of biodiversity. Reef formations include beds of huge plate corals, isolated pinnacles crowned in delicate corals and anemones, walls, channels, caves, canyons and shallow coral gardens.

During the months of June and July, Divers and snorkelers may have the opportunity to interact with Dwarf Minke Whales. It is a unique and remarkable encounter. A lot of time will be spent exploring the amazing dive sites of the remote Ribbon Reef, with an underlying focus at all times to maximise in water encounters with the whales.