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Scuba Review

Scuba Review

Has it been a while in between dives? Diving is safer and more enjoyable when you are confident in your ability to dive. Through the PADI scuba review or our refresher dives we will refresh all your diving skills and thrill you with the great diving in Melbourne. Depending on your ability, how long you have been out of the water, your confidence and your personal preference we can tailor make your refresher course so that this program is as beneficial as possible.

This varies according to what you need but our options are:

Scuba Refresher Pool session- This session is conducted in conjunction with our open water diver courses. We have found that this is one of the best ways to get refreshed. This is because you go through all the skills that you learnt when you started diving as others are doing them for the first time. It is a very thorough and effective way to get refreshed. These group sessions are conducted once or twice a month or can be arranged privately for those who time is not in their favour.

Scuba refresher shore dive- This session is also conducted in conjunction with our open water courses but on the 2nd weekend portion in the ocean. Again you get to do your skills again with a group who is just learning but there will be more to see than the bandaid fish you saw in the pool. These sessions are suitable for people who are quite confident in their diving ability as there is less emphasis on instructor demonstrations.

All you have to have is a diving certification
your participation is subject to a medical questionnaire.

Equipment hire is additional and if needed, includes full scuba unit except personal items (mask, snorkel, boots and fins)

  • One Shore dive with group- $105

  • Two shore dives with group- $150

  • One shore dive 1 on 1- $190

  • Two shore dives 1 on 1- $240