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Port Phillip Bay

Dive Site Depth Certification Level
Boarfish Reef Drift 12m+ Open Water+


A popular slackwater dive, also provides an exhilarating drift on the flood tide. Diving along the Boarfish wall you will find undercuts and swim throughs, lots of fish, invertebrate life and the odd admiralty anchor.
Kelp Beds Drift 12m+ Open Water+


Kelp Beds Drift (OW) Depth 12 - 21m(40-70ft) This drift is conducted on the flood tide over a Macrocysts kelp forest in Lonsdale Bight between Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff. This site also makes a great slack water dive. During the drift you will encounter large fronds of kelp with broken sandstone reef, often home to the Southern Rock Lobster and abalone. During the summer months, big schools of large Yellow Tail Kingfish can be seen.
Popes Eye 11m Open Water (1)



Pope's Eye (OW, MR) Depth 12m (40ft) A man made basalt rock annulus. It is the foundation of what was to be an Island Fort built in the 1880's. This horse-shoe shaped artificial reef is now a Marine Reserve and the home of many specie's of fish, invertebrates and algae, including large fronds of macrocysts kelp.
The inside of Pope's Eye provides a safe anchorage in 2-3 metres of water while outside, the rock wall extends to a depth of 12 metres. While the best time to dive Pope's Eye is on the start of the ebb tide, it provides almost all weather, all current diving. Pope's Eye is a must for all divers.
Portsea Hole 12m+ Open Water (2)


Portsea Hole (OW,SL) Depth 14- 33m (45-110ft)
The Portsea Hole is about 500m from the Portsea Pier and is a remnant of the old Yarra River. The top of the hole is 14m and to the north there is a vertical wall approximately 75m(250ft) long which drops to sand at 27m (90ft), then into a sand bowl which bottoms at 33m(110ft). The wall comprises small overhangs which are home to a vast array of invertebrate life and fish, in particular the beautiful Blue Devil fish. On the top of the hole there are several rock bommie's which host hundreds of fish of many species.
Portsea Hole is one of Victoria's premier dive sites. More than one Melbourne diver has had their first taste of scuba diving here.
Portsea Pier 5m Open Water (1)


Portsea Pier is one of Victoria's most renowned shore dives. Located on the beach in Portsea's Weroona Bay at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula, Portsea is one of the centres of Victorian diving. The pier is a superb dive for both the beginner and experienced diver, with new sights guaranteed almost every dive. The famous Weedy Seadragons are often found, as are colonies of Cleaner Shrimps, rays, and a wide variety of temperate fish.
Quarantine Drift 21m Open Water (2)


Off the old Quarantine Station on Point Nepean lies an underwater Sahara. While there is not a lot of life on the bottom, the undulating sand dunes can provide you with bottles, spider crabs, the odd pod of Dolphins and the occasional Seal.
Scallop Drift 12m Open Water (2)


Scallop Drift (OW) Depth 12-20m (40-65ft)
Further up the bay off Rye lie the Bay's commercial scallop beds. In a good year there can be up to 80 scallops per metre. While scallops prefer the muddy bottom, there are still lots of other interesting inhabitants such as Gurnard, Flathead, Octopus, Spider Crabs and Sea Pens. A scallop drift is a much slower pace 1 - 2 knots.
Shortland Bluff 14m - 21m Open Water (2)


The area off Shortland Bluff provides numerous dive sites such as Torpedo Reef, Albatross Wall, Shortland Bluff, Bommie's, Three Trees and Big Bommie. The area is literally littered with old bottles, old anchors, swim throughs, longwalls and large Bommies. Beautiful growths of zoanthids, soft corals, sponges, crayfish, BlueDevils and more.
South Channel Fort 12m Open Water (1)


This man-made island was built in the 1880's and houses gun placements, underground tunnels and turrets. It is also the nesting ground for many species of seabird. Both the above-water and underwater environments are worth a visit.
Underwater the pylons of the jetty provide a nursery ground for Old Wife fish.