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PADI Advanced Open Water

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course-
Completed in 2 Days

It’s time to take the next step in your training. Being an Advanced Open Water Diver will give you skills in several speciality areas and give you a taste for the variety of PADI courses available. The PADI Advanced open water course will help you increase your skills so that you are safer and more confident underwater.

Through the PADI open water diver course, or any other entry level course you focus on the safety of diving, and the basic skills to dive safely. The PADI Advanced open water course extends your knowledge, but more importantly, extends your skills so that your diving becomes easier. Spending over an hour, purely on your buoyancy we will help make you a more confident diver, and make your diving as easy as we can. This is only on one dive of the PADI Advanced Open Water course. You still have 4 more adventure dives to go.

At the end of the PADI Advanced Open Water course you will be certified to dive to 30m and like any other PADI Certification this will not expire and can be used anywhere in the world. Through this course you will complete 3 shore dives and 2 boat dives to complete your advanced open water certification. The dives we typically conduct on our PADI Advanced open water course are listed below but if there was

Another adventure dive that you wanted to try, just let us know.

Day one- This consists of a couple of hours of theory that you would have already looked through in the PADI Adventures in Diving manual. The dives set out below are our standard adventure dives on the advanced open water course, but on request, we can do different ones.
For your PADI Advanced Open Water Course, you will complete 3 adventure shore dives. They are usually:-

Peak Performance Buoyancy - Drop some of that lead! In this dive we will show you how to refine your diving position and correctly weight yourself. It is amazing what a bit of technique and time to practice with an instructor can make to your diving so much easier.

Navigation Dive – This is a compulsory dive to obtain your PADI Advanced open water diver certification. An extension of your Open Water Course compass skills, this will teach you some more techniques so that you can navigate yourself under water effectively. This will help you become more confident in the water and help stop that dredged surface swim after your dive.

Night Dive - You won’t believe the critters that come out at night! In this dive we will show you the correct procedures for communication and navigation underwater at night as well as the proper use of your torch all under the caring, watchful eyes of our instructors.

Day two- This is your boat diving day for your PADI Advanced Open Water Course. On this day you will complete 2 adventure boat dives. They are usually:-

Deep Dive - This is a compulsory dive to obtain your PADI Advanced open water diver certification. We will take you to 30m, where there is a little less light and the colours change. This dive will help you explore more of Melbourne’s wreck and wall dive sites.

Wreck Dive - Explore one of Melbourne’s signature dives, the J4 Submarine. Lying in 26m of water, this wreck is in great condition and you will learn some procedures for diving outside a wreck.

In the event that weather prevents our wreck dive, we will do a Drift Dive. This is where you fly over the dive site with the current - it’s a blast!

PADI open water diver certification (or junior) or equivalent certification from another training agency.
12 years old for Junior advanced open water (restrictions include diving to 22metres with an adult certified diver)
15 years of age for full certification to dive down to 30 metres.

Mask, snorkel, boots, fins, hood & gloves
Knife, Torch, Underwater Slate
A surface marker buoy and reel..

At this level of training it is recommended that you are diving in your own scuba unit, as it is the safest way for you to learn. However if you do not have your own, rental is available.

You can continue your scuba diving training today! All we need is $100 deposit to secure your place on any of our upcoming advanced open water diver courses. Drop by Australian Diving Instruction to collect your manual, or book yourself online now, and you’ll be extending your diving knowledge and skills in no time.

  • Group classes 1 weekend - $475

  • 1-on-1 Personal classes - $850


Accommodation can be arrange at extra Cost.