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Scuba Gear Hire

Equipment Hire

Australian Diving Instruction, has an extensive range of hire equipment, The hire equipment is free of charge on all of our beginner dive courses. Scubapro T-Force BCD's, Scubapro MK17/R395 Regulators and Scubapro Wetsuits,

All of our rental scuba diving equipment is serviced every six months, and is regularly inspected and replaced.


What we don't hire...

For health/hygiene reasons and due to the personal fit nature, Australian Diving Instruction discourage the rental of items such as mask and snorkel, boots and fins. We carry a large range of these for purchase in our store and there is sure to be something to suit your tastes and budget.

Hire Gear Pricing

And don't forget... club members receive 15% off these rates!




Full Gear Hire (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Tank, and Weight belt)



Hardware Package (BCD, Regulator, Tank)












7mm Wetsuit



Weight belt



Stage Bottle & Regulator (plus an air fill if used)



Twin Tanks with Manifold (including air but not including Nitrox)



If you like the rental scuba diving equipment you are using, you are more than welcome to purchase it at a fraction of the cost of the same item brand new. Just ask at the store to find out how!